By the Moon and the Stars

Massive stars projecting light, seen by all in the darkest of night. Elements smashed in wondrous ways, intrepid by souls as they may. Thus, I journey through hills and valleys, lit by a torch of hopes dreams, as I march in continuous procession I fight the winds of historical oppression, gilded by lessons of falls and follies, and like the stars I am the light. I vow never give up the fight. I smash elements in wondrous ways intrepid by souls as they may.  Image



Beware of trickster that sells clever patina that tricks the mind into grandeur and splendor then falsely marks up as greater demeanor. Cause’ when the real diamond enters the room the tricks are over real quickly real soon. And when trickster realizes his sad business fate he’ll soon fill the room with deep misguided hate.

 And as the diamond continues to shine the trickster will say that’s mighty fine rhine’ and offer pay her only dime.


Where Eagles Fly

Part I
Four five six I exist. One two three where am I?  I needed to eat. Nine eight seven I wished for heaven, glasses of wine, women fine, souring love like eagles fly, freedom high, ride the sky, change the world, make it twirl, see the lights, they’re so bright, hold them tight.
One two three no contusion just confusion, big calamity in the family, hear the yells. Who to tell? Walk the path, go work, boss a jerk, it’s a galley, pretend semblance when assemblage, earn the dollar don’t you holler.
Part II
Four five six another house, one two three, trip the world, nine eight seven, now eat some more, control delights, insight the fights, my beauty is right. My eagle flies, it’s my right, it’s the right, change the world, make it twirl, control the lights make them bright.
 One two three control the vote encourage confusion no contusion, there’s calamity – what? Broken family – who? Hear the yells- huh? They’re so frail. Got the law, make the work, take advantage of the manage, beat the drums, in the galleys, pretend semblance when assemblage, reap abundance make redundant.
See the difference? Make a difference.
Poem by Darryl Z. Oates

Summer Heat

Image(illustration by Darryl Z. Oates)

In hot summer heat in August and May salty beads of water gathered in play on hot heated bodies to vanish away. Happened so fast some just gathered and pooled then took crooked rides to unknown places marking their lives by salty wet traces. Despite the sweat that cools in cool breezes it couldn’t cool heat that August heat teases. The heat that played played all day and wouldn’t cool down til’ August loved May.
Poem by Darryl Z. Oates


(illustration by Darryl Z. Oates)
In your dreary nervous dreams have you ever felt impending doom from fuzzy corners of a room, or felt the nervous drop from a fall you could not stop? Then suddenly you awakened from the fears that left you shaken as you tried to ease your senses in light of periled consequences, because foolishly you dare challenge a force you could not manage? While your poker face delivers inside you only quiver, you barely stood astounded as your precious heart aptly pounded. Then you finally came to realize your hopes had just been stranded, when lady nightmare just had landed.
Poem by Darryl Z. Oates

Happy Yellow Girl (Poem)

(Illustration by Darryl Z. Oates)
Happy Yellow Girl
Happy yellow girl, spinning in her house, bouncing off of walls, never-never fall, open up the doors, I’ll brighten up your world, in her yellow house, in her yellow blouse.
show her yellow ass, then they’ll let her pass, show royal-royal blue’, I know he’ll let me through.
Show solemn-solemn brown, and brighten up his frown, though you have some yellow, you’re not that bright my fellow,
Dancing in the streams reflecting yellow beams, silly yellow dreams, (and she wouldn’t’ know me from a hole in the ground.)
Special yellow girl, she told me yellow girl, she’d always shine so bright, (man I am the light.)
so ‘royal-royal blue’ and other colors too would always let her through, the only thing to do. She really didn’t know that ‘royal-royal blue’ loved his color too, and green would never do, (and she wouldn’t’ know me from a hole in the ground.)
 Yellow-yellow girl, special yellow girl cracked a crazy smile, in a crazy world,
cause’ ‘royal-royal blue’, and some other colors too, boarded up her house, they wouldn’t let her through, she bounced off  walls, and bounced  floors, with a crazy-crazy smile in a crazy-crazy world, .
That yellow-yellow girl, that pretty yellow girl, man she had the light.
(she – lost – her – fight)
Happy young thing, pretty young thing, (and she wouldn’t’ know me from a hole in the ground.)
 If you like dreams of a yellow-yellow girl walk to a stream and hold sun beams.
If know me from a hole in the ground, I’ll shake your hand, (together we stand.)
Follow your dreams not sun beams.
(Then you’ll know true light, Then you’ll know true light,)
(Then you’ll be right, Then you’ll be right)
Follow your dreams, Follow your dreams, Not sun beams,
Not sun beams…
Poem by Darryl Z. Oates