Where Eagles Fly

Part I
Four five six I exist. One two three where am I?  I needed to eat. Nine eight seven I wished for heaven, glasses of wine, women fine, souring love like eagles fly, freedom high, ride the sky, change the world, make it twirl, see the lights, they’re so bright, hold them tight.
One two three no contusion just confusion, big calamity in the family, hear the yells. Who to tell? Walk the path, go work, boss a jerk, it’s a galley, pretend semblance when assemblage, earn the dollar don’t you holler.
Part II
Four five six another house, one two three, trip the world, nine eight seven, now eat some more, control delights, insight the fights, my beauty is right. My eagle flies, it’s my right, it’s the right, change the world, make it twirl, control the lights make them bright.
 One two three control the vote encourage confusion no contusion, there’s calamity – what? Broken family – who? Hear the yells- huh? They’re so frail. Got the law, make the work, take advantage of the manage, beat the drums, in the galleys, pretend semblance when assemblage, reap abundance make redundant.
See the difference? Make a difference.
Poem by Darryl Z. Oates

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