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By the Moon and the Stars

Massive stars projecting light, seen by all in the darkest of night. Elements smashed in wondrous ways, intrepid by souls as they may. Thus, I journey through hills and valleys, lit by a torch of hopes dreams, as I march in continuous procession I fight the winds of historical oppression, gilded by lessons of falls and follies, and like the stars I am the light. I vow never give up the fight. I smash elements in wondrous ways intrepid by souls as they may.  Image



(illustration by Darryl Z. Oates)
In your dreary nervous dreams have you ever felt impending doom from fuzzy corners of a room, or felt the nervous drop from a fall you could not stop? Then suddenly you awakened from the fears that left you shaken as you tried to ease your senses in light of periled consequences, because foolishly you dare challenge a force you could not manage? While your poker face delivers inside you only quiver, you barely stood astounded as your precious heart aptly pounded. Then you finally came to realize your hopes had just been stranded, when lady nightmare just had landed.
Poem by Darryl Z. Oates